Great for a blog. Not for your business.

What is WordPress

WordPress is what's known as a Content Management System, or CMS for short.

It allows you to make changes to a website (to it's "content") but doesn't require any technical skills, such as HTML or CSS, which is what websites are built with.

Perhaps more importantly, it enables website owners to accidentally ruin any search engine optimisation that's been done on the page, and so damage their own rankings in Google.

You do not need to be editing your website content every week. Adding a new blog page every few weeks is a great idea, but you don't need something the size of WordPress to do that.

WordPress is often found to be slow and bloated, and comes with literally thousands of plugins that usually slow it down even more.

What started as a simple blogging platform, has now become a jack-of-all-trades.

Who uses WordPress

With a little bit of time anyone could build their own WordPress website, and a lot of people do. It is designed to be very accessible for anyone.

You choose a theme, which dictates how your pages are laid out, and what colours they use, and you just fill in the gaps.

There's a huge selection of professionally-designed templates available for as little as £10.

WordPress is also used by most "web-designers", as a quick way to churn out lots of websites for clients.

  1. Install WordPress.
  2. Buy a template for £10.
  3. Copy & paste some content.
  4. Job done.

They're typically not doing much "building" or in-fact "designing", the majority of that has been done for them.

The big issue with this is that these "web designers" don't know what they don't know, they believe this is all that is required to build a successful website.

Unfortunately "nice-looking" does not equate to success, Google cares alot more about the underlying foundations of a website, if you want to actually be found in Google by your new customers.

Young Web Designer

Why not test your own website with some of our simple health-checks - it can be quite an eye-opener.

What is WordPress suitable for?

WordPress is best-known for being a blogging platform. The term blog is short for "web log".

The entire WordPress platform has been pushed and squeezed in directions which weren't really intended.

As such, it is a bit of a monster these days, the majority of websites running on WordPress are slow and simply don't attract new customers for their business owners.

Many owners of WordPress sites will seek the help of an "SEO expert" to try and help get more visitors to the site, which is really throwing more good money after bad. It's the foundations that are the problem, WordPress is the problem.

Simply by replacing WordPress from underneath a website (retaining the design and content if you wish), can see the number of visitors increase 3-fold.

Increased website visitors after rebuilding a site.

Expert insight and experience of WordPress

The Expert Web Guy

Although I monitor several WordPress websites for clients, I don't advocate them, nor do I build them.

Instead I have to deal with several timeout alerts, every hour of every day, coming from these websites.

This occurs when the time taken for a page to load takes more than 2 seconds.

If you'd like me to monitor your website free-of-charge, contact me - it can be quite an eye-opener.

Do I choose WordPress? No.

What do I do with WordPress

The first thing I always do is run the site through the simple health-checks to see just how badly it performs.

From then, most of my days are spent putting WordPress in the bin.

Clients come to me with a website that isn't performing well, it's slow and cumbersome, and on first glance I'm not surprised.

Usually it's been built by some bloke on UpWork for £5 an hour, or they've found a cheap so-called "web-designer" locally.

Pay peanuts, get monkeys.

When a website is re-built by an expert, you get results like this:

Impressions Growth

Highly recommended, the safest pair of hands to look after our platform. Don’t even search for anyone else, this guy is a genius with incredible response times to any queries, day or night. Thank you for providing such a great service and support, worth every penny.

Eli Vichman, 20th November 2019


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